Vegan Cacao Fruit Juice 75% Dark Chocolate buttons 70g box


Vegan Cacao Fruit juice chocolate buttons with 75% cacao content from Bolivia made from 100% cocoa fruit in its purest form.

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Swiss boutique chocolate manufacturer Felchlin is breaking new ground with the Cacao Fruit Couverture. The cocoa mass Bolivia with 75% cacao content, forms the basis of the new taste experience, supplemented with cocoa fruit juice concentrate. This results in a couverture which is made from 100% cocoa fruit in its purest form.  WARNING!!!!     FOR THE DARK CHOCOLATE LOVERS ONLY!


The wild, noble and at the same time rare cocoa from Bolivia, forms the basis of the Cacao Fruit Couverture. Only sweetened with the cocoa fruit juice pressed from the pulp of the cocoa pod, you discover the pure taste of the cacao fruit.

Both ingredients (Cacao bean and cacao fruit juice) stand for very careful handling of the environment and for methods that are unique and truly sustainable for people and nature. The cocoa fruit juice comes from Assin, Acrofuom, Ghana. At the farmer‘s the pulp of the caboose is pressed and pasteurized directly. The cocoa fruit juice is gently concentrated and returns the sweetness of the fruit to the couverture. In addition to the sweetness, it also introduces new flavour components into the Cacao Fruit Couverture.


For around 800 indigenous families who harvest the cocoa in the lowlands of Beni, Bolivia, the cocoa collected is a very important raw material that helps to cover part of the cost of living of the households. Currently, around 1,000 farmers in Ghana process the cocoa, ferment and dry it without loss, generating an additional income of around 30% due to the Cacao Fruit Juice.

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