Figs, Fennel and Almonds


Figs, Fennel and Almonds in 65% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate

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Single origin dark chocolate from Venezuela with Figs Fennel and Almonds – 65%. Handmade from scratch.

Ingredients: cacao kernel, sugar, cacao butter, roasted almonds, dried figs, ground fennel, emulsifier (E322: soya lecithin), vanilla Madagascar.

Min. Cacao 65%.

All our dark chocolate bars are dairy free / Vegan.

The best environment for tempered chocolate is a wine fridge, not the fridge! A wine fridge offers the ideal temperature (15-18°C) and humidity environment. Chocolate is a very delicate matter which requires good care to last longer. Keep your chocolate away from light and humidity, extreme heat and cold. Alternatively if you do not own a wine fridge, place the chocolate in a sealed airtight plastic container in the coolest, driest spot in the house (like a linen cupboard 😉

In summer, in extreme temperatures only, place chocolate in an airtight container, in the fridge but don’t forget to take the chocolate out 20 to 30 minutes prior degustation to bring it to room and body temperature. This way you’ll get the best taste and experience from it.

Please note: although we take dietary restrictions and allergies very seriously at Atelier Chocolat, we can not ensure that in rare cases products do not come in contact with one another. Therefore we do not recommend that you purchase any of our products if you suffer from severe allergies (nuts, gluten, etc..)

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