Roasted Hazelnuts


49% Single origin dark milk chocolate from Venezuela & roasted hazelnuts from Hazelnut Valley (Gippsland, Vic)

If you think milk chocolate hazelnut is boring, think twice! This one will make you addicted and I am not exaggerating. Why is that you may ask?
We use only the best hazelnuts and these ones are the closest we could source in Australia to the ones cultivated in Piemonte, Italy. With a higher fat content than most Australian hazelnuts, these ones grown, harvested and roasted in Gippsland by the Meier family are of exceptional quality.

As well as the hazelnuts, the 49% dark milk chocolate from Venezuela also has some good fats and nutty flavours which carries the hazelnuts in a heavenly manner. I promise it will get you addicted!

Ingredients: sugar, cacao kernel, roasted hazelnuts, cacao butter, cream powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier (E322: soya lecithin),

vanilla Madagascar.   Min. Cacao 49%



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