Crepes Dentelles & Roasted slivered almond


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The latest in our collection of chocolate bars is set to eventually replace the long standing 38% milk chocolate with Malted Barley. This 43% milk chocolate keeps a light malty taste and has the texture of an ice cream waffle cone with crunchy roasted almonds. We use a French traditional biscuit from Brittany called Crepes Dentelles (Pailleté Feuilletine or Gavotte)  a light, fine and crispy biscuit known worldwide by gourmets for its crunchy texture. It is a cookie obtained by placing a little dough made with eggs, flour, butter, sugar, milk and vanilla, on a hot cast iron plate. While still hot, it is gently rolled up, then once cooled it is wrapped in gold foil.


Ingredients: sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, cacao kernel, slivered almonds, crêpes dentelles,
emulsifier (E322: sunflower lecithin), vanilla Madagascar.
Min. cacao 43%   Contains milk (lactose), nuts & gluten.

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