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Artisan small batch chocolate made from scratch...

PAIN ET CHOCOLAT (means Bread and Chocolate) was born from a fond childhood memory back in France. The memory of a small bar of chocolate melting on a warm slice of bread or into a piece of baguette for after school snack.

Today 40 something years later, this is still our favorite way to eat chocolate. Bread and chocolate bring back all those memories. It is simple yet delicious.

PAIN ET CHOCOLAT is about the love of all things handmade and particularly chocolate and bread. Pain et Chocolat sources only the highest quality ingredients (organic when possible). Variations or additions to the range
are set by seasons and trends.

PAIN ET CHOCOLAT started its production 4 years ago in a home registered kitchen and has successfully been sold on Melbourne weekend markets and coffee shops/delis ever since.

After operating Atelier Chocolat for nearly 2 years in beautiful Trentham in the Macedon Ranges, we successfully survived the 2020 Pandemic and our increased operation felt the need to relocate the production kitchen to a bigger premises in Melbourne. We are now able to continue the manufacturing of your favourite chocolate bars and cakes with the help of additional equipment and extra pairs of hands.

In 2021 you will be able to find us on markets around Melbourne, festivals, pop ups and of course online.

Don’t forget that we are always happy to offer FREE DELIVERY to the local communities of Preston and Trentham (upon agreement). The best way to keep in touch is to FOLLOW US on social media @atelierchocolatmelb

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The Chocolate making process



Cocoa pods are cracked open and the beans are fermented in wooden boxes called “sweatboxes” for 5 to 7 days and then sun-dried.



When we receive the beans in sacks, we have to hand sort them to remove any foreign items such as sticks, stones etc...



The beans are then roasted. With variable temperatures we can achieve light, medium or dark roast depending on the final taste of the chocolate we are after.



After the roasting the beans will start loosing their husk. We then need to crack them to make cocoa nibs and facilitate the separation of all the husks from the nibs.



To separate the husks from the cracked beans, we use a hair dryer which makes it easy to blow the light husk away from the heavier nibs. When using special machinery this step is called winnowing.



To transform roasted cocoa nibs into chocolate, nibs are ground down into “cocoa liquor” to which we can add sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, spices, etc... your imagination is the limit!



Finally for you to experience the snap and the shine of our chocolate we need to temper it. If the chocolate is not tempered it will not resist humidity and temperature changes the same as tempered chocolate would.


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